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Catalyst Startups

Listado de desarrollos en el Proyecto Catalyst. Se muestran las propuestas ganadoras, y también otras en progreso.

FUND1: 56 propuestas- prueba piloto
FUND2: : 78 propuestas- 12 fondeadas
FUND3: 190 propuestas- 21 fondeadas
FUND4: 339 propuestas- 53 fondeadas
FUND5: 323 propuestas- 70 fondeadas
FUND6: 814 propuestas- en curso

Puedes buscar startups en este listado, activando CTRL+F para pc, o «Buscar en la página» en el navegador de tu móvil

Liqwid: Cardano DeFi Lending Markets
Cardano Starter Kits + APIs (Gimbalabs)
PoolTool Platform Upgrade
Lovelace Academy Marlowe Plutus
Haskell/Plutus/Marlowe Education
Ouroboros over RINA
Create message signing standard
Pet Registry dApp + ₳Pay API
Cardano for Mobile dApp Developers
IoT Utility Dapp – Sign Tx Arduino
Japan Cardano Governance Association-Meetings & Communities & Podcasts
Liqwid:Cardano DeFi Liquidity Pools
Ada Tx to Trigger IoT + IO HW Spins
Comprehensive NFT Framework Collab
Digital Asset Inheritance
Decentralized Accounting <- IFRS
Food traceability solution – Africa
Dapp for business contracts
The Basket DApp – 売買カート
Python module
Visual Studio Smart Contract Plugin
Liqwid Developer Portal:Cardano SDK
CardanoSharp – .NET Library
Developer & SPO Tools [CNTools]
Cardano IntelliJ IDEA Plugin (MVP)
Cardano serialization library in Go
Metadata oracle node
ADA MakerSpace – DEV lessons
Metadata oracles explorer
Write Dapps as continuous workflows
Grow Africa, Grow Cardano
Scale-UP Cardano’s DeFi Ecosystem
Address Gap in SPO Education/Comms
[Liqwid:Cardano DeFi Liquidity Pools]
[Ada Tx to Trigger IoT + IO HW Spins]
[Comprehensive NFT Framework Collab]
[Digital Asset Inheritance]
[Decentralized Accounting <- IFRS]
[Food traceability solution – Africa]
[Dapp for business contracts]
[The Basket DApp – 売買カート]
[Python module]
[Visual Studio Smart Contract Plugin]
[Liqwid Developer Portal:Cardano SDK]
[CardanoSharp – .NET Library]
[Developer & SPO Tools [CNTools]]
[Cardano IntelliJ IDEA Plugin (MVP)]
[Cardano serialization library in Go]
[Metadata oracle node]
[ADA MakerSpace – DEV lessons]
[Metadata oracles explorer]
[Write Dapps as continuous workflows]
[Grow Africa, Grow Cardano]
[Scale-UP Cardano’s DeFi Ecosystem]
[Address Gap in SPO Education/Comms]
[Haskell Devs for Liqwid Plutus SC’s]
[Cardano On-Chain Voting]
[Littercoin – Mass Adoption]
[PlayerMint: Token System for Gamers]
[Cardax – DEX on Cardano]
[Real Estate Investment Platform]
[Cardano-based Marketplace]
[Haskell DeFi SDK for Plutus Devs]
[Ouroboros Networking Lib in JS]
[Rust SDK for Blockfrost API]
[Yoroi ⇄ Blockfrost bridge]
[PoolTool-Testnet Support]
[JavaScript SDK for Blockfrost API]
[Nodeless command line interface]
[Haskell SDK for Blockfrost API]
[«ADA» Visual Scripting VSCode Ext.]
[Python SDK for Blockfrost API]
[AdaStat.net Platform Upgrade]
[Arduino SDK for Blockfrost API]
[Visual Studio Code Market Plugin]
[Live Coding Mentor Marketplace]
[West Africa: Dev Tools & Events]
[pruf.io: Media-rich NFTs on Cardano]
[Java SDK for Blockfrost API]
[Swift SDK for Blockfrost API]
[Kotlin SDK for Blockfrost API]
[.NET SDK for Blockfrost API]
[Golang SDK for Blockfrost API]
[Ruby SDK for Blockfrost API]
[Scala SDK for Blockfrost API]
[Elixir SDK for Blockfrost API]
[HW wallet passphrase recovery tool]
[Infographics – Series 1]
[Diversify Voting Influence]
[The Great Filter]
[West Africa Proposer Outreach]
[Free Online Course about Catalyst]
[University/College Outreach]
[Project Catalyst Landing Page]
[Cardano Podcast Interviews w/Teams]
[Guided Onboarding Experience]
[West Africa Catalyst Onboarding]
[Cardano Mobile App]
[Local Centers in West Africa]
[Cardano Adoption in D.R. of Congo]
[Cardano spanish training programs]
[Cardano China Info Hub]
[Education/Developer center – Sweden
[Cardano Emerging Threat Alarm]
[Multilingual resources]
[DeFi and Microlending for Africa]
[DLT Entrepreneurship Toolbox]
[Partnerships for Global Adoption]
[NFT-DAO NFT metadata standards]
[Meta-Memory (Fmrly Fed. Debate)]
[Adagov.org (Co-creation)]
Testnet Cardanoscan Explorer
Cardano Rust SDK update for Alonzo
C# SDK for Blockfrost API
Elixir SDK
Cardano JS API
Cardano Wallet Flutter SDK
Metadata oracle endpoint in Yoroi
Websocket link for Blockfrost API
Cardano IPFS chronicles
Glow Formal verification
Free Commerce payment gateway
Localize Yoroi for Slovak market
End-to-End No-code Cardano Apps
Localize Yoroi for Czech market
Arnot – iOS SDK
NFT Guaranteed Storage
NFT-DAO EZ-Pay API wallet connector
Artificial Intelligence/ML API
Step-by-Step Guide: Off-Chain Code
NFT-DAO EZ-On Interop NFTs
Tokenizing GitHub Pull request
Cardano Connector (Metamask-like)
The Quest for ADA
nft-maker.io -> Full NFT platform
DaPassword – a password manager
iGIVit – The Future of Giving
NFT-DAO EZ-Honor contribution token
Catalyst Community Tools
Catalyst Site: Project tracking
Open Ideas and Data For Cooperation
Tutorial for Community Advisors
IdeaScale Improvements
Developer Evangelist Japan
Catalyst Site: Collaborators list
FREE MONEY Direct Marketing
WADA Media Funnel for Proposers
Hands-On Marketing in Addis Ababa
ALDEA Wiki – Cardano Encyclopedia
Inner-View with KEWW Video Series
WADA Uni Students Catalyst Registry
PCDiscord – Bot to Assign Roles
ALDEA Catalyst Spanish Support Site
Barriers to Entry = Proposals
Catalyst Site:Improve proposal data
PCDiscord Miro board for Onboarding
Catalyst Site: Education resources
PCDiscord – Bot to create channels
Charles Hoskinson in Russian
Control your data – privacy ledger
Graph DB Sidechain with Fluree
Oracle Performance Metrics
Blockchain Authentication Mechanism
C64 NFTs Minter(on-chain+identity)
Africa Opensource Pharma & Medicine
No-Code For Creative Africa
Introducing Empowa
Cardano Student Clubs in Ethiopia
ADA news in African languages
Networking events
Paper wallet terminal for in a shop
Cashout and Buy ADA in Ethiopia
Liqwid Protocol Security Audit
Liqwid x Credmark R&D on Loan Risks
MinSwap – Multi-pool DEX
Dandelion: Cardano API market
Smart Contract Audit Token SCAT DAO
NFT Business models
Atala PRISM DID Mass-Scale Adoption
Disaster: When all is at stake
Scale-UP Cardano’s Community Hubs
Improve and Grow Auditability
ErgoDex Plutus Port
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